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Rotating barrel deburring & polishing machine rotating barrel finishing machine suitable plenty work parts application: adoption of centrifugal force theory to process the workparts with improved efficiency of 5-10 times, applicable to process medium and large size workparts in large amount load, especially for the complex structure workparts.
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The force reduces the cycle time needed to complete the finishing of the parts by up to a factor of 30 over conventional vibratory and barrel finishing. standard variable frequency speed control different parts require different finishing speeds. from slower speeds for fine finishing and polishing , to aggressive deburring and edge radiusing at ...
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This centrifugal barrel metal surface finishing machine is composed of 4 barrels mounted on the periphery of turret. the turret rotates at high revolution per minute (rpm) in one direction while the barrels are rotated in the opposite direction.
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Jun 26, 2017 · centrifugal iso-finishing and polishing of dental parts, jewelry and other small parts in a compact package. in a matter of minutes, this deburring and finishing tool can deburr, clean up, smooth and polish metal, acrylic or rubber and other materials.
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The cpc250 is an upright centrifugal barrel deburring machine. it spins along a vertical axis and contains four small barrels. it spins along a vertical axis and contains four small barrels. the cpc250 perfect for small parts that require quick processes without sacrificing power.
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The centrifugal force pushes the work pieces and the media to the periphery of the barrels. since the barrels are rotated in the opposite direction of the turret (similar to a ferris wheel) at a 1:1 ratio, a slide is created within the barrel which causes the media to move across the work pieces and abrade the surface removing minute amounts of material at every rotation.
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Www.deburring(877) 837-4623 centrifugal barrel finishing cpc1000 the cpc1000 is united’s most economical deburring system available. gone are the long process times of tumblers and vibratory finishers. the cpc1000 can reach speeds in excess of 250 rpm and can generate forces exceeding 30gs, processing parts quickly and consistently.
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Centrifugal barrel finishing machine offered by us, is a high -performance finishing machine that is integrated with advanced features. known for its high efficiency and optimum quality, our range of metal barrel finishing machines is highly demanded in various industries.
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The deburring media is tumbled with the metal parts in either a wet or dry process, depending on the application. this process is used for deburring and fine finishing of components in ultra short time, which cannot be finished in vibratory finishing machines, rotary barrel or …