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Centrifugal machine- deburring process, vibratory ...
Centrifugal finishing machine is composed of number of barrels mounted on the periphery of turret. the turret rotates at high revolution per minute (rpm) in one direction while the barrels are rotated in the opposite direction.
Cb series centrifugal barrel finishers
Rotec cb series centrifugal barrel finishers. available in 2.0, 3.5, 5.5 and 7.0 cubuc foot sizes . the rotec cb series centrifugal barrel machines are compact, economical high-energy machines used in a wide range of industrial applications from the most aggressive deburring and surface improvement to very intricate finishing of extremely delicate parts.
Bv productshz high energy series
Hz high energy series centrifugal barrel finishing (cbf) systems from mass finishing are the fastest and most economical form of finishing machine available. they are the industry workhorse in polishing, deburring and deflashing parts.
About giant finishing, inc. a mass finishing equipment ...
Giant finishing can analyze your parts with for you so we can design the exact mass finishing system you need. giant finishing, inc. strides to be the best manufacturer and supplier for mass finishing systems, vibratory deburring machines, vibratory bowls, vibratory tubs and continuous vibratory ovals.
Pdj vibro ltd, vibratory, deburring and polishing experts
Metal finishing, vibratory, barrel and high energy centrifugal deburring, polishing and surface finishing machines offer established processes that have been employed successfully throughout the uk deburring, polishing and surface finishing industry for over 50 years.