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Introduction. centrifugal barrel finishing machines are high gravity force machines which specifically developed for smaller and precision components; also it is designed for those that require very long processing times in vibratory finishing machines.
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The strong centrifugal force can effectively remove heavy burrs, sharp edges to create safe surface. for polishing demands, parts are finished in high precision and high brightness. centrifugal mass finishing machine is ideally to prepare metal or non-metal parts.
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Centrifugal barrel finishing. centrifugal barrel finishing (cbf) is a high-energy finishing method where centrifugal barrel machines are used. a great example of this type of machine is our hz series. these machines are typically made up of two or four individual …
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The centrifugal force pushes the work pieces and the media to the periphery of the barrels. since the barrels are rotated in the opposite direction of the turret (similar to a ferris wheel) at a 1:1 ratio, a slide is created within the barrel which causes the media to move across the work pieces and abrade the surface removing minute amounts of material at every rotation.
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Centrifugal barrel finishing the cpc250 & cpc500 are united’s smallest deburring systems. they are upright centrifugal barrel deburring machines ... its modular barrel design allows for different parts to be processed at the same time, offering versatility and efficiency.
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Hz-160 high energy, centrifugal barrel finishing machine. the hz-160 is a full sized industrial finishing machine. this cbf machine can be fully customized with a touchscreen control panel, parts separator, drain pan and infrared safety curtain.
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Oct 28, 2017 · deburring barrel machine wholesale, barrel machine suppliers . centrifugal barrel metal surface finishing deburring polishing machine . automatic metal stainless steel pipe tube grinding polishing machine for sale.